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Day centre for the elderly

Prevention of social exclusion or marginalization of 200 elderly people.

Socio-educational centre

To increase access to remedial and non-formal educational programmes of personal development for 68 children.

Socio-medical centre

Improving the health status of the population of Ciceu commune.

Social canteen and temporary emergency social housing

To provide access to social services through the social canteen for 100 children and adults.

Vocational HUB

Ensuring equal access to employment and career building for 180 people.

Continuous project management training

Training of the project staff, 25 persons, teaching staff, experts employed in the project, volunteers, involved in the activities of the ICC.

General information about the project

Total value of the project: € 925,549
Project beneficiary: Ciceu Village
Partner 1: Caritas Social Assistance
Partner 2: Kájoni János High School

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