Day centre for the elderly

Prevention of social exclusion or marginalization of 200 elderly people, who at some point may be in a situation of difficulty, loneliness, abandonment, lack of psycho-social support, by providing daytime socialization, recreation and leisure activities, social counseling, emotional support, psychological counseling, socio-medical activities, medical and legal advice, through the services offered at the CCI.
The social and leisure service for elderly people in the Day Centre for Elderly People established by the project aims to prevent and/or limit situations of difficulty and vulnerability, which may lead to marginalisation or social exclusion, promoting the participation of elderly people in social life and the cultivation of interpersonal relationships.

Socio-educational centre

To increase access to remedial and non-formal educational programmes of personal development for 68 children aged 4-15 years from Ciceu commune, coming from families at socio-educational risk, in order to prevent school dropout and poor school results. Children will be provided with access to socio-medical services such as speech therapy and psychological counselling, medical services, and remedial education, recreation and leisure, socialisation and development of independent living skills.

Socio-medical centre

Improving the health status of the population of Ciceu commune by reducing disparities in access to health services between individuals at community level, by ensuring access to prevention-focused medico-social services - facilitating access to free basic and specialised medical services and psychological counselling, i.e. disease prevention campaigns for 500 socio-economically and health vulnerable people.

Social canteen and temporary emergency social housing

To provide access to social services through the social canteen for 100 economically vulnerable children and adults and in case of emergency to temporary emergency social housing for a minimum of 2 families (max 4 adults and 4 children) who live in housing conditions that endanger their safety and health and/or face domestic violence.

Vocational HUB

Ensuring equal access to employment and career building in order to create an inclusive labour market through participation in occupational information and counselling programmes, job search support and entrepreneurship support through entrepreneurial skills development and business counselling through the Vocational HUB for a minimum of 180 young people aged 15-24 (60) especially those not in any form of education or unemployed and adults (120) especially unemployed.

Continuous project management training

Training of the project staff, 25 persons, teaching staff, experts employed in the project, volunteers, involved in the activities of the Integrated Community Centre through thematic workshops in order to increase the quality of the services provided and education workshops for 100 family members of the project beneficiaries or legal representatives, as well as for other persons caring for children.